A7 WTV 2019 diary loose plastic cover

Single 2019 "Week to View" diary, approx. A7 in size, in plastic wrap-around cover. (Click "See full page" at top right for more information.)

Stock Status: 60 pcs
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One pocket sized diary in a durable plastic case, in your chosen colour. The diaries have a whole week showing on each open pair of pages, Monday at top left, Sunday, followed by a notes space, at bottom right. (There are four diaries shown in our main picture, but the pricing is just for one of them.)

Convenient pocket or handbag size  ~ approximately A7 ~ three sober colours ~ rounded corners ~  metal corner protectors on front cover ~ marker ribbon ~ fairly secure pocket front and back for thin items such as tickets ~ usual pages of printed notes ~ four pages for your notes in the back ~ small space for 2020 notes ~ year 2019 embossed with gold colour on front.

If you are looking for more adventurous covers then you, or we, can make them yourselves using your, or our, designs or photographs. See our entry under books/bookblocks.

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