Hand made dos-à-Dos book ~ Dutch Gilt covers ~ vellum corners and spine

Dos-à-dos book with real gold and vellum

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First take two identical books. Then bind them together so that they share one of the covers, using vellum spines. Then prepare three Dutch Gilt cover-papers, and work protective vellum corners to the boards. Finally decorate some edges with real gold foil rules. Repeat all this half a dozen times and make a limited edition of six versions available for sale. Wrap them in a bespoke, lined, decorative presentation boxes and....here is one of them. 

The Dutch Gilt is overlaid on 300 year old paper that was printed and then found to be surplus to requirements and yet preserved. The technique for applying the patterned gold foil was established centuries ago, and lost, only to be recently rediscovered. Some watercolours have been applied to add interest to the printed paper surface. The vellum, also, has been upcycled. It was once part of a legal document of some sort, and is now being put to another good use. The inside pages are a modern,good quality, 100gsm pale cream paper.

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