Elbe Educational Learning Cards ~ Numerals

Elbe Cards are designed for early stage learners as an aid to easy recognition of numerals and mathematical symbols. They are mainly intended for home-educators and those wishing to complement schoolwork by providing individual ~ one-on-one ~ communication time. Cards save the labour of writing and rubbing out. The cards are named after one of Europe's large rivers ~ just a name ~ with no significance.

The Elbe Cards are available in a variety of groups ~ we call them Sets. Some of these sets duplicate cards from other sets ~ please choose the set which provides for your needs. The sets are named after towns and cities that are on the river chosen. There is no connection between the name and the item other than as an identifier. The key set is Hamburg ~ illustrated here ~ of ten digits and five signs. Further sets can be added later, although postage adds up with separate deliveries. Postage is an extra item that needs to be in your basket before purchase is finalised.