Hot seal laminating films

We happy to re-trim any of our hot-seal pouches to supply them in the form of small pieces of hot-seal film, which can be used in a domestic laminating machine. We do not list separate opportunities for this, but would be glad to quote for your special needs. 

Hot seal laminating films are sold by the roll, usual of great length and substantial width, and designed to fit large industrial machine. The scale of all this is outside our scope. Should you require bulk laminating then your local Yellow Pages will probably be able to help. You will be expected to place an order in the hundred of sheets or more, and probably large sheets of A2. We are sorry if this is disappointing news for you. Printing firms will laminate small items such as business cards. Hundreds of jobs are printed on a continuous roll of paper or card ~ then laminated all together with a continuous roll of film ~ then chopped up into smaller pieces.