Pieces of leather other than strips

The picture shows a piece of leather laid out on a picnic table. We are cutting pieces from this as required. It is half of a cowhide ~ dyed brown ~ 1.5mm thick. It is of adequate quality for many craft uses, with normal strength and workability, but lacking the finesse of the surface finish. Finer leathers are available, but we do not stock them at this stage. Advanced users will know from where to source such material.

The picture shows a green A2 cutting mat, with two pieces of white A4 paper laid on it. 

We have a separate listing for leather strips, those pieces that are appreciably longer than wide. These listings are for the larger rectangular pieces. We have not yet built-up a list of "usual" sizes, and for a time we will gladly list any other size that is popular. Please write with your needs. 

The costings given are for the area of leather listed, or ordered. We do not supply cut pieces to that exact size, preferring customers to trim to their own level of accuracy (which may well be greater than we can manage). We add one centimetre to each of the two dimensions, and this extra area is not charged. That will allow for any of our errors in length, or squareness, to be rectified as you trim your piece to the correct size and squareness. The trimmings may be useful to you as strips.