Marbled paper by Chena River Marblers of Massachusetts

Chena River Marblers have been making marbled paper and silk for decades, and have a huge variety of designs. We have been able to secure single sheets of several patterns, and do not know whether or when we shall be able to repeat them.

Every sheet is printed, by hand. Oily pigments are floated on a watery surface, and artistically patterned with various tools. Paper is floated onto this. As soon as the pigments have been transferred to the paper it is carefully removed (without smudging!). The coloured pattern is unavoidably destroyed by removing the paper from the pigment-bath, which then has to be cleaned and prepared again for the next sheet. All this requires time, artistic, and technical and manipulative skills of a high order. Every sheet is different, even the repeats of pattern on one sheet are likely to vary across the sheet.

Chena Marblers also make less bright designs, but we have chosen to stock the eye-openers. Sheet sizes are nominally 630x485, 24"x18". As always with marbled papers there is likely to be pattern slippage or gripper marks near the page edges, and smudges on the otherwise plain reverse. The papers are frequently self-coloured, typically in cream or grey.