Renato Crepaldi marbled paper

We hold a small stock of these original works by Renato Crepaldi, who works from his studio in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The papers are made in the same way as those of the 18th century, although the paper itself is modern, good quality, machine made paper of weight 80gsm. Every sheet is prepared by hand, and each is slightly different. Once the "run" has stopped then the next batch will be entirely altered, so every "run" is a separate, limited, edition, the length of which depends on the state of the marbling bath, or sometimes is limited deliberately by the artist. Some of the designs we stock are true Limited Editions, numbered and signed by the artist.

The full sheet size is 66x47cm (26x18 inches), and is short grain. Main price quoted  is for a quarter sheet, 33x23cm. (a little larger than A4) which will also be short grain. We have borrowed the terms "thin half" and "fat half" from our fabric colleagues. It describes shape when one of the dimensions is halved. Normal practice is to fold short edge to short edge, and make a fat half, which in this case is long grain and 33x47cm. A thin half maintains the long edge dimension, and so is 66x23cm, and short grain. All dimensions are approximate. Please remember that the pigments sometimes spill over to the back of the sheet, or smudge, near the edges.