Katazome decorative papers

Katazome Shi are prepared using inks and pre-cut stencils ~ much as infants may do in their early years. Modern handcrafted stencilling techniques produce numerous patterns ~ all having an immediately recognizable similarity of style. They are not readily available in the UK in large variety ~ my comments are based on sales from the USA. Carriage costs on a small order are quoted as being of the order of £40 ~ and there may be customs duties payable on top of that. Try browsing at Washi Arts, where 24x36 inch sheets cost $26.50 and internal US carriage for several sheets is flat rate £9.75.

As with Chiyogami Shi the main feature of these papers is the intensity of the ink ~ made possible by working in relatively heavy layers of solid cover ~ giving considerable depth and richness  . Careful registration between separate printings ensures precise following of original patterns. In earlier times the stencils were cut by hand ~ I doubt if that is done anywhere nowadays.

Our small selection is available in cut strips of width 48cm and height of your choice ~ to the nearest cm (minimum is 40cm).