We offer a variety of designs ~ litho-printed by Tassotti of Bassano del Grappa, Italy. Their patterns are based either on traditional and more recent styles ~ in a wide variety of subject areas.

Tassotti decorative papers are printed on 85gsm stock of long grain at size nominally B1 ~ finished sheets measure at 1000x700, but the margin reduces the available size to 690. They are intended as decorative papers ~ something to add some dignity to ordinary paper. At 85gsm they are considerably thicker than bulk-roll-printed 65 gsm wrapping paper. They are not as thick as best quality writing papers ~ which are around 100gsm.

We have an illustration of a B1 sheet available.

Our pricing is based ~ for comparison throughout this site ~ on that of a theoretical A4 sheet. Other sizes are priced by addition of appropriate sums. These are shown on screen, and adjusted by the computer as your size selection is made. 

We stock B1 sheets  ~ and also offer a selection of cut or folded sizes ~ to enable suitable carriage. We are listing various sizes that have been folded or cut down by us from B1 sheets. A4 is understood to be 2xA5 ~ side by side ~ long lengths joined together. We also sell 'A4thin', which is 2xA5 ~ end to end ~ short ends joined together. 

The 'ISO B' sizes are larger than the 'ISO A' sizes with the corresponding number ~ B4 is bigger than A4. B4 is approximately half way between A4 and A3.

Many stockists refer to their 'cost per sheet' where their normal sheet size is B2. This is half a B1 sheet. This can cause some confusion ~ our prices are not twice that of some of our competitors ~ our 'sheet' has twice the area. We always provide the measurement ~ please note it carefully before purchasing.