A4 'Large' sheets of Tassotti paper

This folder is for the benefit of those requiring items to be sent by the postal service. Decorative papers are, in many cases, printed on the 'B' series of papers. B4 is a convenient size, but costs three times as much to send by mail than an A4 sheet. 

The solution we present here is for a B4 sheet to be sent by post, but folded down along two edges by about 1cm. That enables us to sandwich it between two layers of card and send it as a Large Letter. Otherwise it would need to travel as a Small Parcel.

We trust that this service will help boxmakers ~bookcrafters ~ bookbinders ~ craftspeople who do not need large sheets. We can supply sheets up to B1 if required. The carriage charge will be considerable!

The pricing here is without carriage. Please add postage, at your chosen rate. If you buy several sheets you will only need to pay a single postage charge. We stock a wide range of Tassotti designs. They are not all listed in the shop, but a catalogue is available on our sister site at http://busybusy.co/page/12/54/06.htm