Calfskin vellum ~ A5 sheets

A5 sheet of calfskin vellum

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Here is an opportunity to try using vellum for your own particular craft purposes. We cannot describe the properties of this product any better than what must be common knowledge ~ it is a natural product (albeit well processd) ~ it is long lasting ~ it has been used for centuries ~ at takes ink and watercolours ~ it can be pasted down ~ rolled ~ stored ~ and so on. 

Please note that these sheets are all different, and most contain natural markings such as ripples, spotty marks, and a variable translucency, familiar to that of grease-spots. Our pictures illustrate this. We cannot undertake to send you any of those items illustrated, nor one with fewer markings. You must take what you get. If a pristine surface is required, then either resort to a more expensive vellum, or buy a good quality machine-made "vellum" paper. This vellum was prepared in Brazil.

Vellum and parchment are expensive, but they are laboriously made by hand from only the best quality animal skins. Normally it has to be purchased by the whole skin (at a cost well into three figures). We are offering it for sale here in A5 sheets, and please note that the price is for just one sheet (and carriage extra, but you need only to pay one carriage charge per order).

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