Cotton bookbinding tapes ~ unbleached ~ stiffened

The costings for this product are listed on a collect basis ~ without the necessary carriage charge. Please add postage to your basket before checking out ~ there is a separate folder for that. This is the only way to make a fair charge for carriage of multiple items.

This tape is prepared for bookcraft use. It retains the strength that bleaching might remove and the slight stiffening stops it from flopping around ~ especially useful for bookcrafters who bind books with tape but without the binder's expensive sewing frame.

There are several sizes available. As a rough guide we would suggest 10mm for books up to about 10cm, 13mm for 20cm of hinge length. A typical book will require three lengths of about 10cm.

Bulk buyers should note that we list 33metre rolls ~ which are more economical (provided you use it all!)