Neschen coloured rayon self-adhesive tapes

These tapes are of coloured rayon cloth bonded to a strong acid-free adhesive, protected by a removable non-sticky paper film. Widely used for book repair by museums and libraries because of its longevity and reliability. It is also useful for small  household repair jobs. It is not waterproof ~ but we have found that plastic utensils repaired with it have withstood gentle cleaning over several years. 

It is the most expensive of the "everyday" cloth tapes ~ with the best of all qualities. It comes ~ three widths ~ eight colours ~ up to ten metre lengths. We are happy to cut to any length. The illustration shows the three widths and three of the eight colours.

All 24 varieties are in stock.

The 3cm width is a little narrow for binding most books ~ the 8cm width is generously wide for most tasks. There is very little stretch from these tapes. There is a slight facility to conform around irregular corners ~ patience and some skill with a folder is required. The adhesive is sometimes unforgiving in its aggressive grip ~ keep the silicon backing  available and in use when dealing with longer strips.