9mm snap-off knife ~ metal ~ Stanley

small craft knife with 9mm snapoff blade

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The blade on this strong, die-cast metal, knife slides in and out of the handle. The blade is a strip fthirteen sections. Removing a worn pointed end enables a fresh part of the blade to be used. A knurled screw at one end loosens a clamping mechanism which enables the blade to be moved out of the handle. It is then firmly locked into placed by finger-tightening the screw. This provides a very secure fixing of the blade, but takes a little longer to do than the lighter-weight knives.

When all 13 points are used up, a new strip can be easily loaded into the handle by removing the plastic cap at the blunt end. Discarded points must be kept separate from domestic waste, and disposed of in a "sharps" container. Your health centre will help you with this, although there may be a small charge.

Knives and blades that are as sharp as this may not be purchased by anyone under eighteen. By purchasing one of these knives from us you are confirming that you are legally allowed to do so.. 

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