Cheap ~ or near free ~ items ~ old stock ~ spoiled

We have a number of perfectly good items which have been on the shelves for a time and been slightly worn or show other signs of age. They are longing to be upcycled! Individual items will have their faults described ~ please read carefully! Some items are slightly reduced in price ~ others are greatly reduced ~ some are free (but postage is extra on most items - alas! Royal Mail will accept a bundle of bulky stuff under 2kg for the same price as anything over an inch ~ 25mm ~ thick.) 

These items cannot be honestly sold at full price. Examples are self-seal envelopes that have lost their stick and need a lick of glue-stick or tape to seal them ~ empty coffee tins, donated by well wishers for possible use 'for something' ~ pieces of good thick cardboard that are too small for a picture-framer to use.

Some items will disappear from stock and no longer be listed once sold. Other listings will remain, and stock added to the listing as available. Watch the space! Most of these bargains are listed on a 'once-gone-that's it' basis.