Here we explain some important points about our shop. In most ways it is like any other, and we hope it is easy and straightforward to use. Please notify us if we can improve in any way.

We do not intend to be an exhaustive stockist of everything. We are concentrating on tested items of good quality which are difficult to obtain. On the whole they are all items that we use ourselves, and mostly they are items that are not easy to obtain from elsewhere in small quantity. 

All our prices include VAT and any other taxes due, all paid for by us. The only extra cost of items is that for carriage.

Few of our prices include the cost for carriage of your order. If you wish to have your purchase delivered you need to pay for your chosen method of carriage. We do not know of anyone offering "free carriage". There is a carriage category on the main menu which will explain more on this, and show you the various options available ~ their costs ~ and their normal timescales for delivery.

Where flat items (paper, bookcloth) are sold in a variety of sizes the main price shown is for one A4 sheet, which has been chosen as a suitable reference size. In some cases an A4 sheet may not be listed as being available because it would be uneconomic to cut to that size. Customers can either buy the next size up (eg B4) or ask for special cutting. We reserve the right to charge for special cuttings since it involves extra work and probably wastage.

We will endeavour to supply size quoted or a little larger ("Baker's Dozen" policy.) We try to adopt scientific and engineering practice of using units appropriate to the accuracy of cut. To indicate the level of precision that is being used the units are rounded. For example 20cm means somewhere between 19.5 cm to 20.5 cm, 200mm means 199mm to 201mm (or 19.9cm to 20.1cm). Customers working to high levels of accuracy will need to specify a suitably large size and cut down to their exacting requirements.

We aim to provide comprehensive instructions and explanations. Some of these are provided on our related site, , which is well worth a visit for further craft advice.