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Wherever possible (we hope it is every time) the main photo accompanying an item for sale shows exactly what is to be received, and usually with part of a hand to show the scale. Occasionally the background may show other ~ related ~ items where we consider there will be no cause for confusion. 

Subsidiary photos of the item may show the packaging, the item in use, or detailed views of it. In these, and all other photographs any background (usually set to be out-of-focus) is to be treated as a "serving suggestion" - that is not-for-sale items as photo-embellishments.

Occasionally we unpack the main item to show its contents, such as five blades displayed in a fan-shape rather then hidden in retail packaging. If we show three items in the first image then the price you pay, from that screen, is for the one bundle of all three items. We try to avoid photos of multiple items when only one is being sold. In every case the text is to be considered the correct version. If, through oversight, we are causing any confusion please notify us. We will rectify matters immediately.

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