Thomas Campbell-Bennett ~ Gunnislake from the Devon bank

View of Gunnislake, Cornwall, from nearby the current Horn of Plenty site, Devon.

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This watercolour shows much of Gunnislake, with Newbridge and the Quarry from which London Bridge Stone was hewed. It is available laid to paper backing and without mount or frame. It measures 450mm x 337mm (17.75" x 13.25").

Thomas-Campbell-Bennet lived in Hingston House (recently demolished), St Ann's Chapel, from 1888 to 1923 before moving to Bideford.

The perspective in this view suggests that Newbridge lies alongside another bridge, but it is the riverside walk on the Cornwall bank. We have no date for this picture - and would welcome advice. We presume it was painted during the time he lived in the vicinity. One or two other of his local paintings are occasionally shown on the WWW at various salerooms. This picture is available for inspection at a Gunnislake address, against full payment, refunded if not purchased.