A6 WTV 2022 diary grey leather cover

A6 Week To View 2021 diary with grey leather cover and tiger end papers

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This small diary ~ suitable for large pockets or a handbag ~ is a standard UK published diary with a separate spread ~ two facing pages ~ for each week. A notes section is arranged at the end of the week to balance out the number of 'days'.

The price includes First Class postage to a UK address.

The covers are flexible and made from soft ~ best quality ~ grey kid leather. This has been obtained from offcuts and remnants left over from skins after they have been cut into the various shapes at a glove making factory. 

The end papers are of lokta paper which has been hand-made ~ dyed ~ and hand-stencilled with golden tiger patterns, by a small scale workshop in Nepal. Lokta paper is very long-lasting ~ tough ~ and flexible. It is made from the bark of daphne bushes which only grow at high altitude. The bark re-grows and the shrubs are reharvested every few years. 

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