Wittenberg Set ~ 4 x Hamburg Set ~ Postage Paid

BusyBusy Educational Learning Numeral Cards ~ Set called Wittenburg

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The Wittenberg Set is a bundle of four lots of a group of fifteen cards comprising the ten numerals (0-9) and five main maths symbols (plus~ minus ~ multiply ~ divide ~ and also the equals sign) all clearly printed on thick round-cornered card.

The pack has been pre-prepared ready for immediate delivery (or collection). It contains 60 cards, which will enable several mathematical sentences, or equations, to be laid out. Further details are at https://busybusy.co/cards/wittenberg.htm

First Class UK postage is included in the cost of one of this item in order to provide a quick and easy purchase. If further cards or other items are required from the shop at the same time then additional postage for them is likely to be required.

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