Sharp needles for bookbinding and bookcraft

Sharp needles suitable for bookbinding

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The list of radio buttons above looks frightening ~ it is designed to save you money. Here is an explanation ~ 

If you wish to call and collect a medium sized needle 'over the shop counter' it will cost you 15p. To have it posted will cost £2.75. For two such needles please order one to be combined ~ collected ~ and one to be posted in a box ~ we do not post without one box. For five needles please order four to be collected and one to be posted. The separate ~ single ~ individual needles can be any other size or shape. If you are ordering other items ~ such as a knife and spare blades ~ then your needles need only be paid for here at the collect price ~ assuming you have paid or will pay postage for the large item. To bundle postage with every item is much simpler for everyone ~ but much more expensive for you

For postal workers' safety we will only ship this item in a small plastic box. They can also  be ordered as separate items. One such box will hold many needles and small oddments.

The needles are available in small, medium, and large. Medium is the cheapest, and recommended for general use. Small will only take the thinner threads, and large is mainly suitable for working on bulkier items such as A3 or landscape A4 albums.

Some craftspeople prefer our blunt bookcraft needles. These are available in the same range of sizes, at the same prices. Their points are slightly less sharp ~ which means they are less likely to pierce their way into unwanted places. I use them all the time.

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