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Wirebound "Thrifty" album

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We have a wire-binding machine that enables to make wire-bound albums and books of any size. Our best selling book is designed to fit into a Royal Mail Large Letter size. Anything thicker results in it becoming a Small Parcel. The postage for that immediately adds about £2. That is the most important element of thrift. 

The pages of our Thrift Album are of white 160gsm card. Wikipedia defines anything over 130gsm as card, but some people call 160 gsm thick paper. If 160 gsm is too thin for your needs (maybe you have many heavy embellishments) then please ask us to make one with 300gsm card. It is very easy for us to do that, and it takes only a day or two (depending on how busy we are). If you do not know whether 160gsm is right for you then please find out, by shopping elsewhere. We only wish to supply happy customers.

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