25mm (1") wide strips of 1.5mm brownleather

25mm wide thick brown leather for use as tapes

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Although priced by the decimetre (10cm, 100mm) the lengths you will receive will be as long as possible from our current stockholding. If you want 40cm we will try to send one length, but it may have to be made of separate lengths so that the total is 40cm, or more. The advantage of providing longer lengths is that you are likely to have less wastage. For example if you require 8cm lengths you may well get four such lengths from a purchase of 30cm. We can, of course, cut four exact lengths of 8cm, but will charge extra for our time and trouble. It would be cheaper for you to settle for 40cm to be sure. Our cross cuts will be done by hand and eye, and will need to be checked and trimmed. Please allow for that. It enables you to prepare your materials to your own level of perfect exactness.

It is not going to be feasible to prepare a listing for every variety that we stock. Most of them will be unrepeatable. If future matching is critical then buy them all in one go, or ask for a quote for a bespoke cutting.

If there is demand then we will gladly change the selection of lengths as new stock is prepared. Please send your suggestions to Bernard.

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