Second Class UK Royal Mail

Second Class Royal Mail Postage Rates from 1 January 2021

Stock Status: 100 pcs
Delivery Status: 1-3 days

Excluding Tax

Carriage is not included in the costs for most items on this site. The base cost for almost every item is that for click and collect. If you buy several items we will pick (collect) ~ wrap ~ and deliver to the post office. There the staff will size and weigh the item for us and record details of its despatch ~ after charging our account the appropriate fee. They ~ and Royal Mail ~ are entirely responsible for safe delivery of the item to the address ~ not the person ~ on the item. The address we use is the one listed by PayPal ~ this is a sensible anti-fraud measure.

Note that the Second Class price for a 1kg Small Parcel is the same as that for one of 2kg ~ it is not the same when using First Class.

Also please note that the values in the table are those to be added to the base price (of 66p in this case) ~ the visual display will be accurate once your radio-button selection is made. The numerical coding, such as 2~3, is for our own convenience. The "2" is for Second Class ~ the "3" is for third notch up the table.

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