First Class UK Royal Mail

First Class Royal Mail Postage Rates from 1 January 2021 ~ please add one of these to all collect or combine prices ~ includes compensation up to £20 (buyer to claim)

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Excluding Tax

Please note that the charge shown in large letters on the list is the 'base' price for a First Class Letter up to 100gm. Any item with an appreciable thickness ~ over 5mm ~ a dozen layers of office paper ~ becomes a Large Letter. The prices in small letterings are those added to the base price to give the price you will be paying ~ shown in bold when you click the appropriate radio button ~ eg 101gms will cost 85p+44p =£1.29.

This method may seem very clunky but multiple purchases ~ with postage added to each ~ invariably requires refunds for postage overpaid. Using this method is the most honest and straightforward we can think of. Some items are given a second listing as postage-paid bundles of item+postage. Buying two or three of these items will result in significantly too much postage being paid. Please put the items into your basket at the collect or combine price and finally estimate postage from this page ~ or the Second Class page ~ and add that as a final item to your basket. 

Carriage is not included in the costs for most items on this site. The base cost for every item is marked as collect or combine. If you buy several items we will pick (collect) ~ wrap ~ and then deliver to the post office for despatch by their Drop and Go service. There the staff will size and weigh the item for us and record proof of posting details of its despatch ~ after charging our account the appropriate fee.

The Post Office ~ and Royal Mail ~ are entirely responsible for safe delivery of the item to the address ~ not the person ~ on the item. We use the address held securely by PayPal ~ it is a sensible anti-fraud measure, and the only one for which PayPal offer their problem solving service.

Our codes ~ such as 1~2 refer to 1st Class, 2nd step up the price range.

Note there is quite a large jump in First Class rates between 1kg and 2kg. The Second Class rate is the same for 1kg and 2kg ~ and is quite an economical way of buying several items.

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