White greetings card envelopes

We define Greetings Card Envelopes (GC envelopes) as those with diagonal gummed flaps. They are, normally, of white paper. (We list other colours elsewhere.)

Unless specified otherwise ours are of good quality paper, ie around 90gsm or more (thicker than everyday office paper), and of a good shade of white. Some commercially produced, bulk-buy, cards are packed with envelopes of lesser quality. They are perfectly adequate for their once-use-then-dispose task. We have to limit our stock range, and have decided to sell only the better quality envelopes.

We are treating "standard" sizes as C7, C6, C5, C5-reduced, and C4. Each of these sizes comfortably takes the corresponding size of finished product from the "A" series. An A4 sheet folded in half has a finished size of A5. An A5 sized item fits very comfortably in a C5 envelope. Of all the sizes in the range the fit for A5 to C5 is rather generous, and the "C5-reduced" size is far more appropriate for a single A5 card.

We do have some non-standard colours and sizes, very suitable for greetings cards or general correspondence. We also stock some envelopes that are suitable for business use. (A competent craftsperson would not use a business envelope for a greetings card ~ or vice versa.)