C5 greetings card envelope

C6 white greetings card envelope

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C5 is the ISO standard size envelope for an A5 sheet, or an A4 sheet that is folded once. However C5 is rather too large to look snug around an A5 sheet, and we would suggest using the C5-reduced size, which is made especially for A5 cards. Our photo shows a C5-reduced envelope on top of an C5envelope, all on an unfolded sheet of A4 blue card.

C5, and C5 reduced, envelopes count as "Letters" with Royal Mail, but only if they contain a card. Anything much thicker (eg an embellishment on the card) will require postage for a "Large Letter". Your post office will advise on this, using a prepared slot through which the item must easily pass. Failure to pay the correct postage results in delay and a possible visit by the recipient to the nearest sorting office, and an extra fee to pay in addition to making-up the excess postage required.

We define Greetings Card Envelopes (GC envelopes) as those with diagonal gummed flaps and, normally, white paper of variable quality. Unless specified otherwise ours are of good quality paper, ie around 90gsm or more (thicker than everyday office paper), and of a good white colour. Some commercially produced, bulk-buy, cards are packed with envelopes of lesser quality. They are perfectly adequate for their once-use-then-dispose task. We have to limit our stock range, and have decided not to sell quality items, suitable for any purpose.

We also have a listing for more prestigious envelopes, for instance those made with hand-made paper.

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