Beads - alphabetical ~ 3mm ~ black lettering on white

Small white plastic beads each with a printed capital black letter

Stock Status: 500 pcs
Delivery Status: 1-3 days

Excluding Tax

White plastic beads with indented ~ black painted ~ letters. Each bead has a round hole capable of taking thread or cord up to 3mm in diameter. The photograph shows a number of these beads threaded onto a bracelet made of 3mm shock-cord and with the ends lashed together with linen thread, or tied with a knot..

The beads are sold singly. We cannot, at this time, source anything other than the 26 upper case letters. We would love to be able to stock ~ hyphens ~ blanks ~ full stops ~ for examples. Manufacturers - please note!

Although small, these items will need to travel as a Large Letter. Much of the cost is a picking charge. To allow for multiple purchases we will provide five extra free beads for every five ordered and paid for. Please write a separate email to list the beads you wish to have. For example to make 'Emily Smith' you buy and pay for five...the other five come free. Postage is extra if you are unable to collect.

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