Extra blades for those knives that have replacement facility

All knives get blunt with use. It takes time, and skill, to re-sharpen those that have blades suitable for this. Invariably they are of the fixed blade variety. Years ago the safety razor was invented, where small removable blades could be removed and replaced with factory-sharpened cutting edges to trim the whiskers of the masses. It did not take long to develop handles suitable for holding these blades for other purposes than shaving. Safety razor blades had a simple handle built onto them. We sell these under this Spare Blades section. Stanley tools developed the first heavy duty razor-sharp knife with disposable blades, and the original design is still made and sold, although the pattern of the handle has been smoothed out. This design is now copied by numerous other manufacturers. They all adopt the same size of blade,  which we call trapezoidal, which is great benefit to all crafts people (Many of whom refer to it as a “Stanley Blade”.)

The most popular recent innovation is the Snap-off blade. In these the tip of the blade can be removed and securely stored for 'sharps disposal', leaving a fresh section of blade ready to start cutting with pristine sharpness.