Stanley 9mm snapoff blades ~ 10 pack

Snap-off disposable craft knife blades, 9mm ~ pack of ten in dispenser by Stanley

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These blades, called Quickpoint and made by Stanley in Sheffield, will fit 9mm snap-off knives made by any manufacturer. The Stanley brand is usually more expensive than some others. We cannot advise on the reasons for this. All blades, from any manufacturer are sharp to start with. Maybe some stay sharp for longer! We do not always supply the yellow and black display hangars as illustrated, but the product is exactly similar.

This purchase is for 90 "blades", since each of the ten strips contains 9 separate cutting points. Many knives have a built-in device for snapping to a new blade. If this is tricky to use (as they often are) we would suggest that a pair of pliers is used for the snapping. Although the blades are scored ready for the breakage some fair amount of force is needed to complete the snap. It is tricky applying this safely with such sharp cutting edges in close proximity.

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