Generic rectractable bladed boxcutting knife

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This knife has a rectractable ~ interchangeable ~ standard size ~ blade. Numerous makes of spares are available. Postage is extra on this item, possibly at the Large Letter rate ~ maybe Small Parcel.

We stock several brands of these ~ as they become available. We illustrate one such which is available ~ and which is smoothest workhorse I know. It takes a few days of use to get into the habit of sliding the handle back to safety after every use ~ even if laying it on the bench ~ and certainly before pocketing it.

In spite of the slight rattle of the blade I switched to rectractable knives after cutting a finger on an unprotected blade when rummaging in the toolbox. The fixed bladed Stanley ~ of fifty years of service ~ is rarely used nowadays.

Spare blade are available in several qualities from various manufacturers. I have wasted money ~ not much ~ not often ~ by buying unbranded 'bargains' from the WWW. Most brand names maintain their reputation. Fraudsters often claim to be selling Stanley blades when the means Stanley-type blades. They do not go to the lengths of copying the branded packaging. Some manufacturers make blades with extra hard steel ~ greater cost ~ greater cutting life. How much so I leave for you to judge ~ I notice a difference.

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