Stanley extreme heavy duty quick change box cutter

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The price does not include carriage. By the time it is wrapped it will need to travel by Royal Mail as a Small Parcel ~ other items up to 2kg in weight can be shipped in the same packet ~ Second Class.

This knife is preferred by carpet fitters and suchlike tradespeople who are using knives all day. I watched as my small bathroom carpet was fitted ~ around basins ~ pipes ~ pedestal ~ bath. The blade was changed three times in half an hour. Most other heavy duty knives require a screwdriver to dismantle them. On this knife the knurled wheel does the job more easily.

It comes with or without a holster, and the knife can be holstered with the blade in place. This is essential since the blades are not retractable. Several blades can be stored in the handle. It take standard trapezoidal blades ~ which are available from numerous manufacturers at different prices. Stanley makes standard blades and more expensive ~ more long lasting ~ FatMax blades.

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