18mm snap-off knife ~ plastic ~ Stanley

Plastic handled 18mm snap-off bladed knife by Stanley

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Stanley's version of the plastic handled 18mm snapoff knife is elegant and lightweight, and sturdy enough to provide years of light craft usage. For heavier work we would suggest their metal snapoff knife, or graduate to a trapezoidal bladed knife, where the blades are larger, stronger, and more fiddly to change.

18mm snapoff provide seven cutting points per strip. They are widely available ~ although the price and quality varies tremendously. 

This knife is comfortable to hold and has a good snapping device at the safe end of the handle. This plastic insert is quite difficult to remove when required. The actual snap-off is (as with all good blades) quite an effort. It is handy to have a pair of pliers available ~ and I feel happier when wearing safety glasses. Another bit of good advice that I was once given ~ when doing anything with knives make sure the first aid kit is available.

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