18mm snap-off knife ~ plastic ~ red

Craft knife with 18mm snap-off blade

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A sturdy plastic handled knife with steel guides for the blade. A small button is used to push the blade further out and in, and this works against notches in the guide to minimise unwanted movement of the blade when in use.

The end of the blade can be broken away seven times, giving eight fresh cutting points. The blades are scored during manufacture to facilitate this, but a fair amount of finger-strength is required to make the "snap." The end cap furthest from the blade, is intended to be used as an aid for this, but does not provide sufficient leverage. A pair of pliers is recommended. We also feel it is very important to do the snapping well away from the eyes, in case of small, sharp, pieces of flying metal. All used blades should be kept and disposed of in a "Sharps" container". Do not endanger your dustman's hands by putting blades in the domestic waste.

Purchasers of this knife must be aware that they must be over eighteen, and must use the knife responsibly. It is a good idea to make sure a first aid box is nearby. Carriage is extra. One knife will travel as a Large Letter.

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