9mm snap-off ~ pocket knife ~ plastic handled ~retractable blade

Snap-off light utility pocket knife

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With a choice of four colours this knife is light and has sharp retractable blades that can easily have the points replaced by snapping off along pre-ground grooves. There is a useful lever to enable the blades to be replaced by snapping-off. After nine such changes a replacement strip of blades is necessary, and these 9mm blades are a widely available, standard, replacement item. Replacing with a new strip of blades is quick and fairly easy, but a bit fiddly.

This knife also has simple a lock on the blade to reduce blade drag-out on stiffer jobs. I have carried on in my pocket and put it to light and heavy use for the last three years.

You will be able to deduce from the price that postage is extra on this item ~ it will travel as a Large Letter.

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