9mm snap-off ~ steel ~ 30 degree

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Snap-off blades are mounted in a strong handle with slide in-and-out facility. As the end blades gets blunt it can quickly and easily be broken off using the handy tool provided. 

Small and light, these knives are supplied with a strip of eight points with very acute angles (30 degrees). They will also take the normal strip of 13 blades (with 60 degree points), and are very easy to reload. They are built to an extremely economical standard, but the stainless steel guide is adequate for light craft usage. (Paper and single sheets of thin card, or even box-cutting.) We do stock more substantial knives in metal or plastic.

We supply similar blades with the 60 degree angle, and in several colours, and also with plastic handles.

These are supplied with knife and blade of unknown make, which may, or may not, be as sharp or long lasting as the more expensive blades by named manufacturers. If this is important to you we suggest you buy your favourite “named” blades (by Stanley, Irwin, or others) when it comes to replacement time.

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