Gütermann linen thread ~ 50m spools ~ eight colours

Thead, linen, 50m spools ~ Gütermann ~ eight colours

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Unwaxed linen 18/3 thread of length 50m on a plastic bobbin. The main picture shows (left to right, top row first) black, dark grey, light grey, brown, .., red, then (bottom. l to r) goldenrod, white, natural.

This brand of thread is not available in a waxed version. We sell waxed thread as a separate item. We also sell beeswax, for those who need it. It takes only a moment to wax each length of thread as it is used. This is not necessary for many jobs. It is very easy to wax a thread, and very difficult to remove the wax. Our beeswax is in "Sundries" at this link "Beeswax"

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