Maun safety rule

Safety Edge and rule ~ bright steel ~ 300mm by Maun

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The long established steel safety rule ~ almost stainless ~ combines strength with lightness ~ very little bend in any direction ~ protects fingers more than many other straight edges ~ hole for hanging ~ calibrated in mm on both sides.

We write "almost stainless" because we have a couple in use and abuse for more than 50 years and there are signs of rust which could easily be rubbed away with a mild abrasive. It would not be there if used and cared for normally.

We find this rule to be an excellent straight edge, but less impressive as a measuring device. The millimetre markings are stamped in to the edge, but are more difficult to see clearly than other rules. The design applies a good pressure when cutting, sufficient to dent some materials a little ~ beware! ~ this can be both a good and a bad thing.

Because of its bulk ~once wrapped ~ this item will have to travel as a Small Parcel if using Royal Mail. Other goods up to 2kg can travel in the same parcel for no increase in cost. Once you have included carriage as one item in your basket then use the "collect" option where there is a choice.

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