Brownboard - mid way between greyboard and millboard

We stock this good quality board. It is kraft lined on both sides, and with a well compressed kraft-fibre centre. We place its quality as being between that of greyboard and millboard, and with a price comparable to greyboard.

We stock it in one thickness, and several standard sizes. We will also cut to any size that can be shipped sensibly. There is a small charge for this service, depending on the work involved. If there is a popular demand for a particular size we will provide a ready-cut service for that. Note that anything above B4 in size has to be posted as a parcel, as does any packet thicker than 25mm. 

Please note that we are selling card for craft, not precisely sized boards cut to engineering standards. Whilst we aim to provide square boards accurate to within one or two mm, and normally manage to do this, we  anticipate that exacting customers will wish to trim to their own required sizes, and we ask that they accept work supplied within our tolerances.