Small quantities of a variety of leathers in useful sizes

This shop is not intended as a source of the large and specialist quantities of material that the leatherworker will requires. It is planned to meet the needs of craftworkers who are looking to experience working in this medium. We supply useful, small quantities, of appropriate material, rather than whole skins (which normally cost a three figure sum, plus  a two figure sum for carriage).

The main picture shows half a cow hide, covering a picnic table. There is a green A2 cutting mat with some A4 sheets laid on it to give an idea of size.

It is possible to buy bundles of scraps from upholsterers, but there is a danger that the the right sort of leather, in the right size, will not be included. 

Our current stock is designed for bookcraft workers who are not yet at the bookbinding stage. Bookbinders will know exactly what kind of leather they want, where to buy it, and how not to waste it (and spoil all their preceding binding work at the same time). 

There are many grades of leather. Most of our leathers are of second quality, but considered by us to be more than adequate for bookcrafting purposes, especially those items that are expected to take on a well-worn ~ faithful-friend ~characteristic.