Papers. See also our section on Stationery.

We stock a variety of papers, especially those that are not easy to obtain on the High Street, or in small quantity. We offer cut sizes, to as greater level of accuracy as we are able. A slippage, or lack of squareness, of one or two mm is to be anticipated. Customers are expected to trim papers to their own required specifications. 

We do offer explanations, such as grain direction, in as much detail as we can. Grain, and other technical terms might need further explanation, and these are provided on our sister site, Alternatively send me a note, it will nudge me to be more helpful to everyone (

Most of our papers are bought and kept in the largest practical size for convenient storage. We cut it down to the listed sizes without a extra charge. We are happy to cut to specific sizes on request, with a small charge for the extra work involved, and a larger charge, possibly, to cover the cost of waste of the remaining piece of the sheet. We would suggest you buy the next largest size, and put the trimmings to your own good use.

Many useful bookcraft papers are sold in the "B" range of sizes. Please note that size B4 cannot be sent flat as a Large Letter, and has to be sent soft-folded in a parcel, or in a tube. Tubes are quite expensive to buy, and also to post. We are happy to hard-fold to an unusual size on request. 

We also use the ISO 'A' and 'B' names wherever possible for paper sizes. We have given some other paper sizes floral names. It is much easier for us ~ and our customers ~ to remember the difference between poppy and laburnum than 340x240 or 330x230.