Linen Thread ~ Natural ~ Skeined ~ by Weight

We sell threads by the length ~ which are cut from skeins ~ both of which are available separately.

Here we sell threads from several manufacturers in various spool sizes. When sold in bulk quantities like this threads are sold by weight. 50gm of thin thread ~ such as 35/3 ~ provides a longer length than 50gms of thicker thread ~ such as 18/3.

For bookbinding use ~ as a very general guide for bookcrafters ~ we would suggest 35/3 for A6 landscape ~ 25/3 for A5 portrait ~ 18/3 for A4 portrait.

Waxed thread is hardly any different from normal thread ~ the waxing stiffens the thread and makes it slightly more manageable. For books of great extent the unwaxed thread may be necessary to avoid swell ~ although the thickness is the same the softer, unwaxed, thread will beat down into a thinner diamater.