Pencil knife ~ metal ~ colours

Craft knife ~ pencil shaped ~ replaceable blades ~ five spare blades ~ all metal

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The round shape of the handle makes it very comfortable for some users. The blades are widely available and easy to change. They are very pointed at the end, and sharp along their length. They can readily be re-sharpened. The extreme tip does break off quite easily, but can be ground back within moments with a suitable sharpening stone. The knife is provided with a plastic guard to protect the blade, but it is quite fiddly to fit onto the knife and easily gets lost.

This type of knife is sometimes called X-Acto style. Our knives are not made by X-Acto, and are of lesser quality and price. We consider it to be good value and adequate for light craft use. Wood carving and thick card or box cutting are not regarded as "light craft use". 

We sell a very similar knife with a plastic handle, available in several colours, and at a slightly lower price.

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