Scalpel handle ~ SM No3

Swann Morton No 3 handle, without blade

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The main picture is what we are selling, the Swann Morton No 3 scalpel handle, but without the blade that is shown. The handle takes a variety of blades, which can be easily changed. The removal and re-fitting of blades takes a few moments, but fingers can easily slip onto the cutting edge of the blade whilst doing this. There are small gadgets designed to help with blade change, but we think they are fiddly to use, and not very helpful, so we do not sell them. We strongly recommend that pliers are used for this task, and that a knowledgeable and responsible person undertakes all knife-based tasks.

These knives were designed, and are, sold for surgical use. The ones we are selling maybe marked "not for surgical use". That is because they have not been sterilised or packed in sterile protective wrapping. They are functionally identical. Several other manufacturers make very similar handles and blades which are competitively priced.

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