Pencil knife ~ plastic ~ five blades ~ coloured

Craft knife ~ pencil shaped ~ replaceable blades ~ five spare blades ~ all metal

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This knife is supplied with five blades in a separate package. The round shape of the handle makes it very comfortable for some users. The blades are widely available and easy to change. They are very pointed, and are thicker than those of some others. They lend themselves to re-sharpening. The knife is provided with a plastic guard to protect the blade, but it is quite fiddly to fit onto the knife. This type of knife is sometimes called X-Acto style. These are not made by X-Acto, and are of lesser quality and price, but we consider them still good value and adequate for craft use.

We sell a very similar knife with a metal handle, at a higher price. We have not tested this plastic handled knife to destruction, but in our experience we feel it likely that the plastic collar will break even if not over-tightened. We would recommend early reinforcement, or (preferably) spend a little more on the metal handled version.

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