Deep blue 5cm linen sticky tape ~ sold by the metre

Deep blue 5cm~2" tissue and silicon backed adhesive tape

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We will cut any length of this deep blue tape for you from our huge roll. It is five centimetres (two inches) wide.

The strong linen tape does not stretch much and has a tissue backing with an aggressive glue protected by silicon backing paper. (A five layer sandwich of linen~glue~thin tissue~glue~backing.)

Aggressive glue means that, depending on what you are sticking it down on, you are unlikely to get a second chance. Removal usually results in a lot of damage to the material to which it is stuck. In this case it is usually the tissue layer that breaks down and causes the unsticking. This can also be a weakness of this tape. The Neschen equivalent is a linen~glue~backing sandwich, with no intermediate tissue layer. It is more expensive.