Ceramic bladed paring knife ~ curved tip

Ceramic ~ curved |~ bladed paring or trimming knife

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We have not tried or tested ceramic blades in any form. Our only knowledge of them comes from articles on the WWW. The main features claimed there are that they keep their edge longer, but cannot easily be sharpened, and that they are very fragile. Any untoward bending or dropping or even leverage is likely to break the knife. Intending purchasers must, please, do thorough research before spending money on this knife.

We are happy to sell this knife ~ which we have photographed but never used ~ to anyone who wants to invest in the future, or ~ as we did ~ just wants to find out more about this recent development of technology. We have not tried similar knives of the kitchen variety but have discovered that they sell well. 

We have opened protective box so that we could gently handle ~ inspect ~ and photograph the knife, but we have not used it at all for fear of damage (in spite of the manufacturer's claims). It is offered for sale exactly as supplied, with no promises. We cannot offer any guarantee as to the effectiveness of the knife. It is very nicely presented and would make a good gift. It could also be treated as a trial, unfortunately not a free trial.

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