Binding strips ~ parchment ~ 15mm x11cm

Parchment strips for binding books instead of linen tape

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Here we offer parchment strips which are 11cm long and 15mm wide. They are intended for use in the same way as linen tapes are used for bindings. The second picture ~ above ~ illustrates this. Parchment is long lasting and interesting to work with. It is an expensive product ~ typically £10 or more for an A4 sheet. On-line sales can readily confused parchment paper ~ made from specially treated vegetable fibres. The pricing will normally inform you as to which product is on offer.

Here we are selling bundles of four strips 15mm wide and in excess of 11cm long. They will serve to provide hinges for a book for decades. The quoted cost include postage at the First Class Letter Rate. If you are buying other items you will need to deduct that cost before re-calculating the combined postage. We can do this for you ~ but it will cause slight delay.

Parchment is a stiff  form of animal skin ~ formed by both stretching and careful reduction of thickness. Leather is more flexible because it is less stretched and worked differently. In common use the terms parchment and vellum are synonymous ~ in stricter terminology vellum is of better quality than parchment.

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