Waxed 16/3 1.4m length

16/3 waxed linen thread in 1.4 metre lengths

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These lengths are bundled into individual hanks for despatch. The length of about 1.4 metres allows for two shorter lengths, suitable for hand stitching. The full 1.4m (4ft6ins) length is probably about as much as can be managed without too many tangles whilst sewing. "16" is a guide to the thickness of the thread, and "3" is the number of separate strands spun together to make it. 

16/3 is the thickest linen thread normally available. We would recommend it for sewing larger books such as A3 albums, and any of the open-back bindings where the thread shows. We do not know where the exact definition of thread changes, but anything thicker is probably best called twine.

Linen thread is very strong, and for most bookbinding purposes thinner threads have more than sufficient strength. This thread is waxed in the factory after manufacture. Should you wish for more waxing (unlikely for bookbinders, a good idea for makers of outdoor items) then beeswax is easily applied and is available at https://busybusy.shop/sundries-c-14/beeswax-p-50

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