Papers suitable for bookbinding

Nearly all papers are suitable for bookbinding ~ some are more suitable than others. 

Suitable papers appear in other sections of our shop. Please browse decorative papers and artists' papers. We also have sections for ready-made folios ~ bookblocks ~ bookcraft kits

In this section we list suitable papers which we have prepared ready for making books and booklets. By cutting and folding sheets we are able to keep delivery costs down.

We use the term 'folio A5' to indicate a sheet of paper which when folded once to give two leaves, or four pages, will be of size A5. Hence an 'A5 folio' sheet has an area equivalent to that of an A4 sheet. Vertical or horizontal refers to the format of the finished folio ~ depending on whether the fold is on a short or long side.Hence A5H or A5V. An A5H folio has the crease on the short edge. For bookbinders the crease must follow the grain. It is not possible to make an A5H folio from an A4 plain sheet. The starting point has to be an A3 sheet, from which two A5H folios can be produced.

Prices are invariably for single sheets, or single folios. One sheet = two leaves = four sides. 'Pages' is often misunderstood, as exemplified in comments on web-sales pages ~'I expected this book to have 40 pages, it only has 20.'

Larger sheets are hand-loose-folded to save postage costs. Details of this are provided on individual items. We also have a section in our catalogue for  ready-sewn book-blocks.